Car Wash Postponed

With the forecast today for consistent rain and thunder pretty much all day, we will let Mother Nature wash the cars for today. So our Car Wash is postponed. No Car Wash today. Please look for additional announcements regarding a new date. Thank you to those who signed up for today. A new sign up will be sent around when we get a new date.

Please note the following Pack 119 Dates:

  • Elks Flag Day on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 6PM. As stated, this event is a formal event and will require Class A uniforms in formal attire. Mr. Haywood will be the leader on site and has been granted the authority to decide whether a boy’s attire meets the standard for a Flag Ceremony.
  • June Pack Meeting: Friday June 17, 2011 at 7PM at Garden Street School. Class A Uniforms
  • Applebees Flapjack Fundraiser: Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 8AM. Boys will serve and host. Class A Uniforms SELL THOSE TICKETS! J

Cub Family Camping Starts Early – Saturday June 4th

For those attending the Cub Family Camping this weekend, please see some important forms below. Cub Family Camping is an early start to the day (gear dropped off and ready to go at Sperling Center at 8:20AM). At that time, families are divided into “dens”, which then follow the schedule for that den throughout the day. All dens get to do all activities. It is just the order that changes. We drop off gear, usually at a site in the 30s (for set up later) and get right to the activities.

Cub Family Camping Information

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. Map
  3. Schedule

Please wear Class B T-shirts and hats.

During the lunch break, families set up their tents and get the site ready.
Obviously, tents, blankets, pillows, change of clothing, sunscreen, bug spray, warmer clothes for evening, rain ponchos, hats, etc.
Remember to bring a lunch for Saturday, and bring Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast unless you paid to eat their on-site meals. So we do not organize a pack meal. We do eat together; each family eats whatever each family has brought. Bring extra water!