Photos at Shutterfly

Pack 119 photos have been moved to a Shutterfly Share Site. This site allows current and former pack families to upload their own photos to the site. Share Sites permit unlimited photo storage, so share the photos that you have! Let all the Pack 119 families see your photographic talents. You can also order prints or photo books if you like some of the pictures of your Cub Scout. If you have not received an invitation to membership at the Share Site, please e-mail us to request an invitation.

Memorial Day Parade – Meet at 10:30AM at Firehouse

Please wear Class A Uniforms and look your very best. We are indeed honoring those who helped secure our freedom. See announcement below.

Brewster VFW Post 672 will be holding a Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony in downtown Brewster on Monday May 30th at 11am, to honor those who gave their lives to protect our freedom. The parade will start at 11am at the Brewster Firehouse on North Main Street, will proceed down Main Street to Railroad Ave., and end at Veterans Park (formerly called Electrazone Field). Immediately following the parade there will be a ceremony. The keynote speaker is Congresswoman Nan Hayworth. Afterwards, parade attendees are invited to a light lunch served at the VFW Post on Peaceable Hill Road. For more information, call 845/279-6969 or email .

Applebees Flapjack Fundraiser June 18th

APPLEBEES FLAPJACK FUNDRAISER. Please join us for our annual Applebees Flapjack Fundraiser on June 18th, 2011 from 8AM to 10AM. Pancakes, bacon, coffee, and orange juice are provided at the Applebees in Brewster by Home Depot. The Cub Scouts will be you hosts and waiters! You can purchase tickets directly through the pack website. Payments are processed by Paypal and/or via credit card. The fundraiser helps support summer learning activities for our Cub Scout Pack 119.

If you choose to purchase tickets online, we will e-mail you with ticket numbers to present for confirmation at Applebees on the date of the fundraiser. If you would prefer to purchase tickets in person, please contact us at our brewsterpack119 hotmail address and we will make arrangements with you. Thank you!

Blue and Gold UPDATE

We are very excited to be honoring our boys’ hard work this year (and their parents’ help) at our Blue & Gold Dinner this coming Friday at 6PM at Brewster High School. (NOTE CHANGE IN VENUE FROM PRIOR YEARS). The boys will be moving up in rank!  This dinner is our most significant event of the year. You do not want to miss it!

We will begin our dinner and ceremonies promptly at 6PM.  A dinner will be provided by the Pack (no cost to families), as catered by Country Kitchen. They just did a very nice job for the Arrow of Light and we are glad to have them back for our Blue & Gold Dinner.

Although our main meal will be catered, we do ask, as has been our tradition, for families to each bring one dessert (enough for just your family) and one drink (a 2 liter bottle, example). We’ll share from there, but if everyone brings, we will have plenty to share.  Please tell your den leader what you are bringing, so that there can be some coordination if necessary.  That means, e-mail your den leader. Please, please send that e-mail. Thanks in advance.

Please arrive promptly and note that this dinner is “doing our best” to be a ceremonial dinner. Please have your scouts dress in their very best Class A uniform, with carefully rolled neckerchief and Cub Scout hat. Please have your boy wear appropriately coordinated pants. Nice blue jeans are fine. We ask that no basketball shorts be worn.  Please avoid sweatpants.  We would like the boys to look their very best for this special occasion … because they are very special to all of us!

I know that it is a bit contradictory to then note that we will be doing yoga and tai chi with the boys after the ceremony! Please have your boy bring their Class B T-shirt with them for a quick, organized, and supervised change of shirt. Or have them wear their Class B t-shirt under their Class A uniform. Let’s try to balance the two parts of the evening as best we can without causing too much fuss.

Many of you have now RSVPed. Thank you. If you have not done so, please RSVP as soon as possible. The caterer has allowed for last minute changes, but we do not want to take advantage of this generosity.

Cub Family Camping June 4-5, 2011

Many have attended this Westchester Putnam Council sponsored event at Durland Scout Reservation in years past. Canoeing, hiking, archery, a campfire, and an optional sleepover are usual activities. Please download the registration forms here

We’ve mentioned it a few times, but the registration date has snuck up on us. Please mail the registration form on Monday with a check to get it to Council in time for the May 18, 2011 deadline. Make sure that you write in Brewster Pack 119 so they will group us together.

$30 for the day. Food is additional. Rather than join the Council sponsored cookout (which has not received good reviews), we have typical camped out together for dinner and made a campfire for s’mores. We have often signed up for breakfast, which is usually cereal, coffee, and fruit and is a better deal.

Tiger Rally May 15th RAIN

We hope current kindergarten boys were planning on coming to Markel Park for our Tiger Rally today. The rain has put a damper on our plans. We will have pack leaders at the ready from 1-2PM today to answer questions and have applications at the ready. Your use of the playground will then depend on your own plans and whether you mind wet slides! :) We would still like to meet all interested scouts, so come on by and say “hi” or contact us at our hotmail account. Thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks to the six new scouts and their families who signed up for Brewster Pack 119 today.  Despite the rain, we were glad to have a successful day. It was nice meeting old friends and new. If you were unable to make it today and are interested in Cub Scouts, please e-mail us for information.

Tiger Cub Rally

You’re Invited…to a Tiger Cub Scout Join-up Rally! (and to have fun at Markel Park)

Learn about how much fun scouting is, right in your own community and have a blast at Markel Park while you’re there! Refreshments provided. Bring the whole family.

Bring a check along with you, in case you’d like to join up and start your son up in some outstanding summer activities…camping, mini-golf, hiking…

To: Garden Street School Kindergarten Boys & Parents
From : Brewster Cub Scout Pack 119
When: Sunday, May 15th, 2011, from 1-3pm
Where: Brewster’s Markel Park, by Brewster Fire House

Current Cub Scouts are requested to attend to help the potential Tiger Cubs and their families learn about Cub Scouts!